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In every city, there are lots of hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered. These treasures include a plethora of spectacular restaurants that serve unrivaled cuisine that cannot be found anywhere. On the food tours provided by Arizona Food Tours in Scottsdale, AZ, we introduce our guests to the variety of local restaurants that deserve more attention. We let guests sample a selection of meals to give them a taste of what good cuisine exists in this great city.

You can purchase tickets for our food tours ahead of time to reserve your spot. The group meets and a designated location a short amount of time before the tour starts. Then, once everyone has checked in, we set out to explore several restaurants while taking in local sights and learning more about the local history. Over the course of the food tours, we will visit several restaurants where you will be treated to several meals that represent what the restaurant has to offer.

Our food tours can be enjoyed by anyone. We are able to accommodate guests who have specific dietary restrictions, such as vegetarians and people with food allergies. We also make our food tours as accessible as possible and will provide a wheelchair upon request. We always aim to make the tours as enjoyable as possible for our variety of guests. That is why we also make sure to select restaurants that represent a broad spectrum of cuisines, including meat free cuisine.

All of this is covered in the one low price that you pay for your ticket. These private food tours are a perfect way for tourists and visitors to Scottsdale, AZ to get an introduction to the town. Even if you are a long time local, you can get some enjoyment out of the tour as well. Join Arizona Food Tours on a tour soon!